Certifed Angus Beef Brisket (Whole Packer)

1.00 LBS
Certifed Angus Beef Brisket (Whole Packer)

Whole Packer Boneless Angus Brisket (Certifed Angus Beef)

  • Canadian Beef
  • Hormone / Antibiotic Free
  • Average Weight 14-18lbs
  • Comes with FREE Butcher Paper and a pack of hand selected rub.
  • Is there cheaper briskets?.....Yes.  Is there better? No!  Our affiliate Bubba Shady's BBQ smokes 50+ Briskets a month and this is Bubba's favoriate goto brisket.  Prime and Wagyu have high waste when trimming and cooking loss.  CAB Briskets offer one of the best yeild to raw weight ratio with consistent finished product.  Always fresh never frozen un-like big box flyer type briskets which may have been frozen for upto 24 months prior to reaching you.  Want the best?  We got it!


All meats have been sourced from our hand selected purveyors using only top quality products from Ontario first and Canada second rule of thumb. NSS prides ourselves with choosing abattoirs, processors and suppliers that believe in humane treatment of animals and hormone/antibiotic free meat. We believe if it is not good enough for our tables then it won't make it to yours. Vacuum sealed for freshness and maximun lifespan.